Product Information & Description:

  • This MP4 Video has been created to help Students in the PALS class to learn and successfully run a MegaCode and pass the PALS course.
  • Created for PALS Instructors in teaching the PALS class when students are required to successfully run and complete the MegaCode for a Skills Check-Off.  
  •  Also helps the Healthcare Providers in the field to remember what do do next in (Real Settings).

This PALS 2021 Mega Code Learning Station can also be used with computer-based simulator platforms such as the Dart Sim ECG simulator system also shown as products sold on our website, standardized patients, or as case studies.

(Best used with the ELS – Systematic Approach Board as a guide, also sold on our website). 

Can be used in AHA Advanced PALS courses, Nursing schools, Medical schools, advanced EMT or Paramedic class-based courses. 

Included is  1 (Copyrighted  © MP4 Video) PALS 2021 Mega Code Learning Station for teaching & treatment of Algorithms including the Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Cardiac Arrest & Post Cardiac Arrest which can be added in at the end of completing ALL core class materials for the teaching of the American Heart Association 2021 Advanced PALS class session per the AHA PAM Guidelines. 

  • Viewed as an MP4 Streaming video from our website found at top of page showing, (My – PALS – Video) < PALS View My – Video Viewing  TAB.
  • Purchaser will given an (INVITE) after purchase of the MP4 Video or purchase of the Advanced Instructors Trainers Kit to view the PALS Video. 
  • This PALS Video is (ONLY) viewed on the Domain site of Eagle Life Saving. 
  • Website: 
  • (This video will not appear in channels or groups) 

ALL products and images created & shown including Digital Videos & Open Read-Only PowerPoint Files by Eagle Life Saving are Patented and are Copyrighted 2015 – 2021 © and cannot be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Eagle Life Savings, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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